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If you’ve been in my life long enough, you know I’ve tried this blogging thing a million times, but alas, busyness always creeps up. If you’ve been in my life long enough you also know that I went to Bethel’s WorshipU in 2015 and that it completely changed my life. I went deeper with God into worship, friendship, my heart and dance. I was expectant for God to show up, but like always, He blew me out of the water during that entire experience. It was there that my heart for dance was revived! I’ve loved to dance since I was a little, but I never knew how it fit into my relationship with God until Bethel. I remember the moment the spark re-lit and I remember the dance teacher praying for me specifically in this ministry, I remember crying as I left because I had tasted and seen of what God was doing and I wanted more.
To make a long story short, I came back and lost my way. I had forgotten what God had spoken and the “high” of Bethel had faded. For those who read with visuals – visualize me in a hamster wheel of self-sabotage. BUT GOD redeemed me. He revived my heart again, but this time he didn’t just revive it – He renewed it. He was/is SO patient and faithful towards me.
He showed me what my path is: dance. In God’s perfect timing, I applied for Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and I GOT IN!
I’ll be moving to Redding, CA this summer!
I pray and expect for God to UNLOCK INFINITELY MORE through this journey. If you’re curious for more info click on the video link or go to the DONATE: BETHEL tab up at the top!
=) Nancy